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The UR3 is a premium transmitter that combines the best of Shure UHF-R® wireless features with the superior flexibility of XLR connectivity and comprehensive function control.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.
Smart, ergonomic, industrial design
Designed to be comfortably gripped
Discreetly located audio level and power indicator LEDs
Backlit LCD display
RF mute control
Transmitter interface lock
Die-cast metal construction
Compatible with any wired XLR microphone
Infrared automatic frequency sync
Open frequencies are selected and synced directly to the UR3 from the associated receiver
Microphone preset list
Program microphone ID lists to tailor settings (e.g. gain / phantom power / high-pass filter) per microphone for quick recall
Program and store up to 10 microphone ID lists
Copy and paste lists between individual UR3s
Selectable MIC / MIC with Pad / LINE input
Uniquely capable of handling full +24 dBv
Mic with pad option adds additional 17 dB of attenuation
Sweepable high-pass filter
40 Hz–240 Hz
Convenient power options
Allows use with both dynamic and condenser microphones
Axient® Wireless Compatibility
Compatible with Axient receivers (RF & IR features only)

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