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Mixer soundcraft RW5724

Mixer soundcraft RW5724

  • Giá:
  • 15,760,000đ

Mixer soundcraft RW5724

Thông tin chi tiết

- 4 Full-function stereo channels 
- Each has inputs selectable from Mic, Phono and Line connections 
- Phono inputs are switchable to become Line level, individually 
- Mic insert on channel 1 for ease of connecting external processing 
- Rotatable rear panel allows connectors to be located on the rear or underneath of the console (for best cable access) 
- External mute function mutes all channels except mic channel 1 to allow PA announcements but mutes music 
- 3-band EQ on Channel 1 (Mic) +/-12dB 
- 3-band ISOLATOR EQ on channels 2-7, isolating from full cut to +6dB 
- 1 Aux send per channel: - Channel sends switchable pre/post fader individually; Aux Return conveniently located on top panel and can be assigned to crossfader 

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