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Saffire Pro 26 i/o focusrite

Saffire Pro 26 i/o focusrite

  • Giá:
  • 21,970,000đ

The Saffire PRO 26 i/o 

Thông tin chi tiết

The Saffire PRO 26 i/o combines eight preamps with sixteen channels of ADAT and two channels of coaxial S/PDIF, all fed to and from a DAW via FireWire interfacing. Also employed are Focusrite's high performance 24-bit digital converters, ensuring maximum signal quality is maintained throughout the audio path.

The interface features two headphones outputs and a global monitor control with mute and dim options, as well as two "super channels" with variable microphone impedance, instrument input and phase reverse on channel one, all instantly accessible from the front panel.

The Saffire PRO 26 i/o includes a set of plug-ins in VST and Audio Unit formats that comprising EQ, compression, amp simulation and reverb. For global control and set-up, the SaffireControl PRO software application provides advanced monitoring options and hardware settings.

High quality 24-bit/192kHz bus-powered FireWire interface
Eight Focusrite preamps with superb A/D and D/A conversion
Two channels provide instrument input and variable microphone impedance
Two separate headphones buses
MIDI and Wordclock In/Out
Includes SaffireControl PRO software for advanced monitoring and level control as well as a suite of Saffire VST/Audio Units plug-ins including compression, EQ, reverb and amp simulation
Front panel level, dim and mute controls assignable to all outputs

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