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The P9R is a compact, stereo bodypack receiver for use with the PSM 900 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System. It offers premium features like RF Scan and Automatic Gain Control for unparalleled RF stability and channel availability, all packed in the thinnest form factor available. Patent-pending CueMode allows monitoring of different stage mixes and storing of up to 20 separate channels from one bodypack for quick and easy reference.

Tech Specs:
Battery Life: 2 AA, >8 h
Dimensions: 83 mm x 65 mm x 22 mm
Weight: 200 g
Technical Specs:
Front-End RF Filtering: –3 dB point 30.5 MHz from center frequency
Active RF Gain Control: 31 dB (adjusts RF sensitivity to provide more RF dynamic range)
RF Sensitivity (20 dB SINAD): 2.2 μV
Squelch Threshold (±3 dB SINAD): 22 dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel Rejection: >70 dB
Intermodulation Attenuation: >70 dB
Blocking: >80 dB
Image Rejection: >100 dB
Audio Output Power (1kHz @ <1% distortion, peak power, @32Ω): 100 mW
Minimum Load Impedance: 9.5 Ω
High Boost Selectable: +3 dB, +6 dB @ 10 kHz

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