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MX405, MX410 and MX415 ...

MX405, MX410 and MX415 ...

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MX405, MX410 and MX415 ...

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The MX405, MX410 and MX415 Microflex Modular Gooseneck microphones are flexible in more ways than one. They deliver unsurpassed style and performance for conference rooms and similar applications.
Wireless option
Offering desktop or mounted bases, wired or wireless options, and even interchangeable cartridges, it’s easy to get the perfect fit for your conferencing installation.
Fully compatible with SLX wireless systems, including the SLX4L wireless receiver with logic output for applications requiring logic functionality.
Available Models
The polar pattern of the cartridges below are indicated by the model number suffix:
C = Cardioid, S = Supercardioid, N = No Cartridge
Tech Specs
Transducer Type : Condenser
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid, Cardioid
Frequency Response from: 50 Hz
Frequency Response to: 17 KHz
Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): Cardioid -35 dBV/Pa; Supercardioid -34 dBV/Pa
Sensitivity (mV/Pa): Cardioid 18 mV/Pa; Supercardioid 21 mV/Pa
Equivalent Selfnoise:
Cardioid: 28 dB(A)
Supercardioid: 27 dB(A)
Sound Pressure:
Cardioid: 121 dB
Supercardioid: 120 dB
Weight: MX405: 540 g; MX410: 680g MX415: 700 g

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