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-Includes SVX4 Diversity Receiver, and SVX1 Bodypack Transmitter with CVL Centraverse Lavalier Condenser Microphone.


 CVL SVX1-Bodypack-Transmitter SVX4-Diversity-Receiver

           CVL                  SVX1 Bodypack Transmitter  SVX4 Diversity Receiver
 -CVL Centraverse clip-on lavalier condenser microphone for Shure wireless systems


+The Centraverse Lavalier (CVL) offers convenience and performance in an easy-to-use clip-on cardioid condenser microphone that features simple, no-nonsense setup made for presenting professionals. Precision-engineered for years of use in any Shure wireless systems, its compact size is ideal for presenting situations where visibility is a major concern. The unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern rejects unwanted sound for superior source quality and vocal reproduction.
 -SVX1 Bodypack Transmitter The SVX1 Bodypack Transmitter can be used with the SVX Lavalier or Headworn Wireless system.
 Tech Specs
Transmitter Type: Bodypack
Dimensions: 108 mm height X 64 mm width X 19 mm depth
RF Output Power: 10
RF Output Power: 10 mw
Battery, endurance: 10 h
Weight: 90 g
 -SVX4 Diversity Receiver Single channel receiver for use with Shure SVX Wireless systems.
Tech Specs
Power Supply: 12-18V
Maximum Output Level: -19 dBV (XLR), -5 dBV (1/4”) (ref. +/-33kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone) mW

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